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“Ray and Bruce at Radio Lounge are the Dynamic Duo of audio production. By which I mean they are astonishingly talented, ridiculously accommodating and, above all, they manage to make work fun. Which also indicates some proficiency in magic. I love Radio Lounge and you should too.” – Jeffry Jones, ACD Freed Advertising, Houston





“Passionate, great production value, no risk…my only supplier who is a true partner.  They go above and beyond.  I consider Radio Lounge to be my production studio ‘down the hall’. Accessible, willing to help, never intrusive, collaborative, and very positive.” – Dallas Baker, ACD Hoffman Lewis, San Francisco






“A great creative partner!” – Jerri Hamachek, Moody Gardens.






“Superb service, responsive, quick, consistent, high quality” – Bruce Robinson, The Houston Symphony and Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra







“Great talent, friendly place, knowledgeable, and quick” – Beryt Nisenson, Independent Producer – Los Angeles, CA






“They care about the customer…classy, talented, customer focused, quick turnaround, the highest ethical standards, nice guys to work with…overall the finest people” – Patrick Guerra, The Guerra Group





“When I first talked to Ray, he really listened.  Not many people really listen. I told him what I needed, and I got what I needed. They absolutely exceeded my expectations.  They do things on time, quickly, and on budget.  They are expertly producing.  They know radio and they are good at it.  Even though I get good results with other companies, it took a lot of work to get it.  With Radio Lounge, it was much easier.” – Graham Painter, Sterling Bank




“They provide outside-of-the-box thinking with cutting edge ideas. They’ve have done nothing but exemplary work and continually provide a quality product to me.” – Walter Hammock, Hammock Advertising




“They provide quality work that will work for you. The best attributes are the atmosphere, their amount of teamwork & collaboration, and the fact that they instill confidence in the client by sharing their expertise.  They won’t produce something for you that they didn’t feel confident about. I love how they are relationship-based, which means they do what needs to be done to make the client feel special, no matter what the sacrifices are. They don’t just promise you something and give you what they promised; they give you so much more and you leave feeling like you walk away with an ally.” – Sarah Hassell, Charismatic and  Texas Renaissance Festival





“Partnering with RADIO LOUNGE has made all the difference. Enjoyable and professional partnership!!!  Always over-delivering!!” -  Eddie Martiny, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment






“Professional, a pleasure to work with” – Bob Birner, Amazing Siding







“Fast turnaround, very creative” – Cheryl Boe, Boe Creative







“They work out the details, take complete responsibility, and raise my expectations” – Bill Lawrence, Bubbles Car Wash