The Secret Sauce works for Sound to Picture (Audio Post Production)

moviesBeyond radio commercials we carry the same attitude into our sound design and production for television, film, video and DVD. So, our secret sauce does double duty at Radio Lounge. This marvelous concoction gives us the latitude to make a project as big and amazing as our clients heard them well before sound was recorded. It has been said that “sound has a profound effect on the senses”. Our philosophy is that sound has a critical performance zone; it has the ability to make or destroy a visual production. Clients come to Radio Lounge, not only for award winning sound design to picture, but for a collaborative effort that gives them exactly what they want…every time.

Radio Lounge provides the following services for video producers:

  • Production Dialogue Editing
  • ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)
  • Sound effects Design and Editing
  • Foley Mixing and Editing
  • Mixing (including 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 surround formats) and Dubbing

9:00AM : The audio path at our studios has been double-checked and calibrated to meet the precise audio needs of our clients. We’ve been given the task of doing a final mix on a promotional piece for a Houston area destination that focuses on spiritual healing. There is no dialogue, or music. Here, the sounds of various environments needed blend and flow together to accurately represent the solitude of this place. The sounds, which were recorded on-site are cleaned and maximized for clarity. The final mix is just as pure and real as if you were there to experience it. The file is ready to be sent in a flash via cloud delivery.

“Great talent, friendly place, knowledgeable, and quick” – Beryt Nisenson, Independent Producer – Los Angeles, CA

Sure, you’ve got to be at the top of your game (and with all humility we are) but you’ve also got to create an environment that reflects that professionalism. That means having all the latest bells and whistles at your discretion, and knowing how to quickly use them to craft perfection every time. It also means knowing and understanding the importance of being CALM-Act (EBU- R128) compliant. Our studios are state of the art mix rooms. Sonically clean spaces for voiceovers. Comfortable places for producers and clients. Our sound engineers are seasoned pros well versed in recording, editing and mixing sound to picture. They are also brand ambassadors that make studio time efficient and fun.

11:00AM:  We’ve taken a few sessions thus far to work on the 5.1 surround mix that will soon be the new television spot for Conoco-Phillips, and will be airing nationally for the conference tournament championship events for The Big 12, The Mountain West Conference, and the Pac-10 Championship. Radio Lounge was on hand initially to recorded on-location audio at a high school gym. All the squeaks and ball bounces and hits that would later become a part of this really cool spot.

No Attitude…Lots of Latitudehappiness_smil

“When I first talked to Ray, he really listened.  Not many people really listen. I told him what I needed, and I got what I needed. They absolutely exceeded my expectations.  They do things on time, quickly, and on budget.  They are expertly producing.  They know radio and they are good at it.  Even though I get good results with other companies, it took a lot of work to get it.  With Radio Lounge, it was much easier.” – Graham Painter, Sterling Bank

Creative is stifled when attitude gets in the way. “It took a little longer than we thought.” At most places this would cost more, or give a client less than they expected. Our reputation depends on getting it right, and if longer is what it takes, longer is what it will be. We’ve been around the sound to picture business too long to take a client for granted, or give them something that is good enough, just to get it out the door. It’s our reputation and we protect that like its gold. We have also learned to adapt to a changing industry where budgets aren’t a colossal as they once were, but you can bet your last dollar that every project will be our best effort and something you can take away as a satisfied client.

1:00PM:  The post-production audio on the new IKEA TV spots from Freed Advertising support the comedic stance of the actors and represents exactly what the director and producer had in mind when they wrote the campaign. Nuances like timing, and sound effects play an important role in helping to deliver the punch line and message. Radio Lounge has access to just about every sound effect you can imagine, but we really excel in delivering custom sound effects and foley creation, because many times it has to be real to be believed.

3:00PM: Original dialogue production tracks don’t always (make that never) come as pristine voiceover files. ADR is our friend. Often we see audio from a variety of sources and environments that must become one cohesive message. Today we’re taking showroom, studio and booth audio for an automotive client and smoothing each track for a seamless television commercial that will make you want a new car, even if you don’t need one.

“They provide quality work that will work for you. The best attributes are the atmosphere, their amount of teamwork & collaboration, and the fact that they instill confidence in the client by sharing their expertise.  They won’t produce something for you that they didn’t feel confident about. I love how they are relationship-based, which means they do what needs to be done to make the client feel special, no matter what the sacrifices are. They don’t just promise you something and give you what they promised; they give you so much more and you leave feeling like you walk away with an ally.” – Sarah Hassell, Charismatic and  Texas Renaissance Festival

We can quickly respond to a spot that needs dialogue replacement, or deliver a pristine broadcast mix for television, film or DVD. We love the ease of having thousands of music tracks, and sound effects just a click away. Our facility was designed and constructed to be a transitional space where comfort was our top priority, and the ability to adapt and engage in all sorts of new media would be flawless and fast. Radio Lounge is an owner-operated facility which also means you are working side by side with the people who have a stake in its future. As owner-operators we are also easily accessible above and beyond the 9 to 5 grind.

5:00PM: What is it about late afternoon that reflects a more relaxed vibe? We’re about to freshen up a spot that ran about a year ago. Our archival audio system means we can pull up the original tracks from the original session with ease. Our clients love the fact that we’ve taken the time to care for their projects, giving them the creative insurance that if needed; it’s not going to be a problem.
Sound can paint a picture, trigger a mood, and take us to another time and place. Sound can be heard and felt. It can almost be tasted and smelled. We’re pretty serious to our commitment to making sure the sound we deliver to picture is as powerful as it can be.