A Day In The Life

Our bread and butter is the thousands of radio commercials we produce each year. We know radio in and out.  When you need radio commercials produced that stand out, Radio Lounge is total turnkey – taking your ideas from concept to creation to distribution.

Here’s what a typical day might look like creating great radio at Radio Lounge…

8:00 AM: One of the best smells in the morning comes from our guest area which brews Starbucks exclusively for our clients. There’s something in the brew that drives a real creative vibe for our producers and engineers, as well as our clients. Considering we’re in Texas, morning wouldn’t be complete without fresh jalapeno kolaches from the bakery down the street, steaming hot and always in demand.

“Ray and Bruce at Radio Lounge are the Dynamic Duo of audio production. By which I mean they are astonishingly talented, ridiculously accommodating and, above all, they manage to make work fun. Which also indicates some proficiency in magic. I love Radio Lounge and you should too.” – Jeffry Jones, ACD with Freed Advertising, Houston

Sure, you’ve got to be at the top of your game (and with all humility we are) but you’ve got to create an environment that reflects that professionalism. That means having all the latest bells and whistles at your discretion, and knowing how to quickly use them to craft perfection every time. Our studios are state of the art mix rooms. Clean spaces for voiceovers. Comfortable places for producers and clients. Our sound engineers are seasoned pros well versed in recording, editing and mixing. They are also brand ambassadors that make studio time efficient and fun. Our clients call it our “secret sauce”. Obviously it must be addictive, because they keep coming back for more.

10:00AM: We’ve got all of our digital studios fired up and ready to track voiceovers and mix audio. Pro-Tools and Steinberg Nuendo digital editing systems are the choice of our producers and clients for their sessions because of functionality and reliability. We have always believed that investing in the best equipment is the only option.

“Passionate, great production value, no risk…my only supplier who is a true partner. They go above and beyond. I consider Radio Lounge to be my production studio ‘down the hall’. Accessible, willing to help, never intrusive, collaborative, and very positive.” – Dallas Baker, ACD with Hoffman | Lewis, San Francisco

12:00PM: The talent is warmed up and ready. Our vocal booth adjoins the main studio and is where we do a majority of our voiceovers. The custom built booth is sonically and comfortably designed to fit multiple voice talents if needed. Our mic cabinet has close to fifty mics, but our go-to mics are vintage Neumann U-87’s. The sound chain continues through a variety of high-end mic-pre’s (Trident, Wunder Audio, API, Focusrite, etc.), into our post production system via superior A-D converters. Our digital phone patch assures clients can direct and get exactly what they want when they can’t be here in person. Sound Connect/ISDN gives us the flexibility to grab the best audio talent from around the world. We guarantee that every take and every mix is perfection and gets the punch it needs to stand out against the clutter of radio commercial stop-sets.

No Attitude…Lots of Latitude!  “It took a little longer than we thought.” At most places this would cost more. Our reputation depends on getting it right, and if longer is what it takes, longer is what it will be. We’ve been around the audio production and sound design business too long to take a client for granted, or give them something that is good enough, just to get it out the door. It’s our reputation and we protect that like its gold. We have also learned to adapt to a changing industry where budgets aren’t a colossal as they once were, but you can bet your last dollar that every project will be our best effort and something you can take away as a satisfied client.

2:00PM: We’re previewing tracks from our extensive music and sound effects library for an upcoming session. Our belief is that being totally prepared ahead of time makes clients happier and helps sessions run efficiently and smoothly. Our clients also love the fact that our studio rates are all inclusive. Some studios charge needle-drops…we don’t.

“Partnering with RADIO LOUNGE has made all the difference. Enjoyable and professional partnership!!! Always over-delivering!!” – Eddie Martiny, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment

4:00PM: Many of the projects are now ready for delivery, which has come a long way since the days of reel-to-reel dubs. Digital uploads through YouSendIt and Soundcloud means we can send tons of audio with specificity and error-free results to clients and stations, to meet their deadlines. Email, FTP, Google Drive and other Cloud delivery options are also available.

“Great talent, friendly place, knowledgeable, and quick” – Beryt Nisenson, Independent Producer – Los Angeles, CA

Our facility was designed and constructed to be a transitional space where comfort was our top priority, and the ability to adapt and engage in all sorts of new media would be flawless and fast. Radio Lounge is an owner-operated facility which also means you are working side by side with the people who have a stake in its future. As owner-operators we are also easily accessible above and beyond the 9 to 5 grind.

6:00PM: It might be a late afternoon session that pulls us into an evening mix, but we’ve never been clock-watchers. As a matter of fact, our studios don’t have clocks. And just because it’s a last minute session, we won’t hit you with a “rush” fee or rate. We understand that radio can be most efficient when it can be responsive to a last minute opportunity.

Some people have to work for a living. We actually get paid to do this stuff. Is that cool, or what?