seinfeldThe essence of good communication is maintaining a human link between the caller and the vendor.  The quickest way to get a disconnect is to break that link.  That’s why our simple philosophy of crafting personal communication tools for business is a sought after resource.  Our focus here is to use that time in between live conversation, as a vehicle for generating good will.  Radio Lounge never reminds callers that they’re “on-hold”, never tells them how “important” their call is, or that the vendor is busy helping other callers.  Those are all deal breakers.  Instead, we craft a message that helps affirm the reason for the call and educates callers to trigger further conversation.  There are a variety of ways to accomplish that.  Oak Harvest Financial Group uses the testimonial radio commercials we develop to let callers hear first-hand how the company can benefit them.

We believe that putting a voice behind the product or service is another key element.  Radio Lounge also works with a variety of automotive dealers around the country and on several of those messages; the owners get to tell their story.  Hold time is sell time and Radio Lounge helps businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry, healthcare, financial, entertainment industry, and B2B, sell the attitude and benefits of their respective businesses.  So, what’s your story?