officepsaceRadio Lounge is well known for our spot production on radio and sound to picture for film and television, but did you know that we’re also “interactive” with audio for multimedia?  Lowes Home Improvement wanted to create a national competition for their employees and called on Radio Lounge for sound design on an interactive portal.  Enron (yes…THAT Enron) used Radio Lounge to create a global telephony based communications program for their employees; a magazine format radio show that told the stories of their various divisions and shared those stories with people all over the world.  Radio Lounge was also there when Enron used their web capabilities to drive one of the first web audio efforts to generate content.  This was long before Podcasting was even a term.

When Disney’s Tron came out as an audio book, Radio Lounge recorded the narrative.  Radio Lounge also knows its way around the oil industry, creating audio for CBT (Computer Based Training) for the likes of Exxon-Mobil, GE, Conoco, BP, Phillips 66 and Mobil.  You will also hear Radio Lounge on audio projects for Lockheed-Martin, ALCOA, Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, AIG and Motorola.  We understand the complexities of industry-speak and the attention to detail that it takes to deliver a flawless product every time.  Our multimedia clients really love that about us.