“Not Just Lights at Moody Gardens”

FOLFestival of Lights was just that, a mile long trail of amazing holiday lights with a variety of themes, and year after year, visitors to Moody Gardens loved the event.  What it needed was to bring those lights and themes to life.  Radio Lounge did just that by adding sound design to the various themes, in effect creating a dozen zones of sound that would pull visitors into the park and through the Christmas celebration.  The addition of sound worked like magic with visitor interest and guest experiences soaring to new levels.  Radio Lounge also designed the system to work year-round for the venue.  The park now has the capability to communicate with visitors on the spot, and the various themes throughout the year get an additional boost with sound design and audio.  We essentially gave Moody Gardens the missing link in the overall experience of a park visit.  Can you say happy client?


“Tasty Audio for Tilman Fertitta and Landry’s Inc.”

rainforestWhen Landry’s wanted to juice up the guest experience at their venues, they had Chills and Thrills, their sound equipment company call on Radio Lounge for sound design at several of their locations.  When it needed to rain and thunder in the jungle at The Rainforest Café, Radio Lounge created the perfect setting to surround diners with the feel of a tropical rainforest downpour.  When the Kemah Boardwalk needed to communicate a fun atmosphere for their park rides and themed attractions, Radio Lounge sound design did just that.  When Chills and Thrills wanted to add a realistic jungle dimension to the White Siberian Tiger exhibit at the Downtown Aquarium, Radio Lounge sound designers helped put visitors in the middle of an exciting journey.  Chills and Thrills has worked with the Radio Lounge team for several years on a variety of projects for Landry’s venues around the country.


“Flying High with the Houston Air Terminal Museum”

airterminalThe vibe is big band at The 1940 Houston Air Terminal Museum and you want to make sure you don’t miss your flight.  The venue is actually the original air terminal at Houston’s Hobby Airport.  Today, it’s a living tribute to flight as a popular museum destination.  Radio Lounge created a sound design package to fill the museum with everything visitors might have experienced back in the 40’s.  The music, radio shows, vintage aircraft sounds, even boarding calls can be heard as this historic place shows and tells the story of aviation in its glory days.  Radio Lounge is proud to share our sound design expertise in this aviation showcase.